Consolidating parent plus student loans

It's one of the few mortgage lenders that charges an application fee, but it offers preapproval without any special fees.

While most mortgage lenders will prequalify you for a loan, only a few preapprove you. The application fee applies, but preapproval gives you an edge when house hunting in an area where sellers may get more multiple offers on their house.

This can be an advantage if you are refinancing and don't want to extend your payment schedule beyond what it would be otherwise.

While Citi Mortgage doesn't provide home equity loans or lines of credit, you can get these through Citibank itself.

However, it's better to call your local branch than apply through the website.

Its interest rates and fees are generally below average.

We found its interest rates to be at or lower than average, especially when compared with Wells Fargo and U. The underwriting fees are at or below average within the industry.

It has excellent customer service and an easy application process.

With a few exceptions, loans with less than 20 percent down must include private mortgage insurance, which adds to your payments.

It can provide loans for anywhere from 10 to 30 years in one-year increments.

Consolidating parent plus student loans