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I listen to the failures of online dating every day and it makes me wonder why people actually bother? If you feel you may need a little push in the right direction visit my Personal Services Page to determine how I may be able to help! If so, in honor of National Grammar Day, which was March 4, you should probably start minding your Ps and Qs and message people in complete sentences. pic.twitter.com/7VIRl Pkdp F — KING 5 News (@KING5Seattle) March 4, 2016 And 64 percent of millennials said that blatant spelling errors were #1 when it came to grammatical turn-offs.And could you toss in a side of romance and laughter for me…” With my luck they would be all out of # 1’s and I’d be stuck trying to choose between #’s 2 & 3 attempting to read between the lines full of clichés.

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pic.twitter.com/ptws1Gl Z7l — goodreads (@goodreads) March 4, 2016 I know, I know, typing “u” takes about a millisecond faster than “you,” but how’s your abbreviated messaging language going for you—i.e., are you getting dates with people you send eclipsed sentences to, like “how r u,” “whats up” (sans apostrophe), and “your” instead of “you’re”? ) of them, 51 percent, said that poor grammar is a deal-breaker, reported March 4th is #National Grammar Day Grammar hounds, march forth and tell us your grammar gripe!

My dear readers, here on Smitten, I try to cover everything from foolproof ways to meet guys to nailing that perfect first kiss to waiting (and waiting) to sleep together to the funny parts of living together to Christmas tree proposals to genius wedding ideas (like swimming! So, as we talk about finding love, I'm curious: What's your current dating status?

And a true dating confession: "I'm desperately in love with my best guy friend." Plus, three cute dates!

For example, how could 4 percent of online daters be earning 0,000 a year, when less than 1 percent of the Internet population does?

And while we’re at it, how could 70 percent of women have above-average looks?