Is dating roommate bad

You're no longer making an effort to resolve conflicts or fix the situation.

If you've resigned yourself to having a bad roommate and being in a bad situation, there may be justified reasons for feeling that way.

Just like good friends can argue and still be friends, roommates can address and work through conflict without damaging their roommate relationship.

Still, if you find yourself arguing more often than not with your roommate, that might be a sign that your relationship has officially soured.4. Is it normal for people to have ups and downs with roommates, and to share those ups and downs with friends? But if you have had so many issues and conflicts with your roommate that your friends, family, and classmates know about it, then it might be time to consider switching roommates -- or at least look into dealing more directly with your frustrations.5.

But officially quitting on making an effort to repair -- or at least improve -- your relationship and/or your situation is never a good sign.7. Respect in a roommate relationship comes in all forms; you and your roommate should respect each other's space, time, things, and relationships -- not to mention each other as people.

If, however, your goal is to have your roommate simply move out (thus changing the situation), things may be worse than you thought.6.

But if you always are looking forward to your roommate's absence, there might be a problem.

You don't have to be best friends with your roommate, but you probably shouldn't mind when they're around.2.

You're going to have to have a frank talk with Mike about certain uncomfortable things—like, whether or not you guys will bring new dates to the house.

It's not a fun discussion, but do it now before you have a blow-up fight later. Even though it's frustrating that Mike acts like nothing happened, I think you need to take a cue from him.