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We are looking for a customer service expert with experience in voice and non voice. If you've worked with Zendesk in the past that's a plus You will be required to answer questions on an ongoing basis, usually checking for new questions 3-4 times a day. You'll need a decent internet connection, pc and headset microphone. Bonjour, Nous cherchons une personne qui va gérer tout un service client. Missions : - répondre et/ou supprimer très rapidement les messages sur les publication FB - Répondre au chat FB Facebook rapidemment .

We need someone who has experience in Amazon, Ebay and other marketplaces. When applying for this job pleaase state you relevant work experience. Work Hours Monday-Friday 8am-5pm Eastern Time Handle sales: place orders over phone and chat, send quote emails. - Répondre aux mails - Utiliser Shopify - Assurer la satisfaction client avec un service de qualité Vous serez formé(e) sur les différentes missions ainsi que les outils/plateformes que nous utilisons, la personne qui vous formera restera en contact avec vous durant les missions et vous conseillera en cas de besoin.

Happy job hunting, Countries with large Filipino populations invariably have their favourite “hangouts” for those times when work finishes and personal time begins.

Each country has its own specific nuances to employment and here at We Pinoy we not only outline the practicalities for employment but also provide links and feeds to the most popular recruitment providers.

Setting an e Learning Platform up and working with Word Press can be nervewracking especially for a novice.

It is our Mission to help anyone using our Product succeed and ultimately excel by creating extraordinary results in his business and for his students.

Support is our best Product and you will be an important part of it.

When support is taken care of you need to contribute to our team by testing new features, fixing bugs, developing new features or add-ons, creating unit tests and improving our company in areas where you notice a need.

Grow Learn Teach builds WPEP (The e Learning Platform for WP).

It enables anyone using it to set up an e Learning Platform on their Word Press.

There are a few features that make WPEP unique and very powerful.

Lets face it, Filipino food is not as rated globally by non-Filipinos when compared to other nations cuisine such as the Italians or French. But not to worry, you will never have to miss your next balut, as We Pinoy brings you the best local restaurants and dining out locations as recommended by our members.

Hi Guys, We are from Financial Trading Software & Technology Solutions Company, We are looking for Sale online in Vietnam. Willing to work US hours I have a mobile app that allows people to ask various questions about Bitcoin.