Dating fairbanks vega banjos

This article is the result of years of research, accumulating data, and finally bringing it all together in one place.

First is simply a reporting error, but I have seen some personally, and been sent photos of others.For the buyer, it is critical to know that an instrument being sold as "all original" probably is. He told me that Waverly, for whom he had worked since his pre-teens, had provided most of the metal parts and accessories to the banjo makers.In his workshop he showed me many patterns, cutters, tools, and dies used in making the nuts for Vega, Gibson, Bacon, Paramount and all the standard nuts we associate with the large makers.The other possible explanation might be that the banjo was returned to the factory, given a new neck with new logo stamp, but numbered with the old serial number.Your thoughts on this and any other factor relevant to this study are welcomed.