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You will also be neutralizing enzyme inhibitors, which unfortunately not only inhibit enzymes in the actual seed, but can also inhibit your own valuable enzymes once they have been eaten. I have started sprouting some of my legumes, since the phytic acid in some legumes are especially hard to neutralize.

Your seed/grain/legume will be much easier to digest now that you have sprouted it, and you will also be able to assimilate more nutrients.

For all of these reasons, sprouting greatly helps digestion.

Sally Fallon has a helpful section in Nourishing Traditions that gives guidelines for how long it takes to grow different seeds.Anti-nutrients are cast away, it changes, inside and out, and when you eat that seed, no longer are you eating just a seed, instead you are eating a tiny little plant.The process of changing seeds into little plants is easy, but the changes that happen is huge.Here are a few of the things that happen during that process.Phytic Acid and Enzyme Inhibitors are Neutralized Phytic acid binds with calcium, magnesium, iron, copper, and zinc, making it hard to impossible for you to absorb those nutrients. By sprouting your grains, legumes or seeds, you are neutralizing phytic acid very effectively.