Reallife cam video chat

But the magic of the flawless Instagram snap is in the number of takes we get to perfect it (what’s your average? You may think video conferencing doesn’t demand the same level of polish you would bring to an in-person interview or client meeting, but the visual impact remains the same.

Here are five key elements to strategically manipulate as you prepare for your close-up.If you have pets, be sure they’re in another room (same goes for children, if possible).Anything that would be considered inappropriate or distracting in-person should also be avoided on video. A bookshelf sets the right tone, and a blank wall or a piece of art in the background creates a more serene frame than your kitchen sink or bed.Looking down into the camera can give the illusion of a fuller face, whereas a higher angle is far more flattering.Keep the device — whether a phone, laptop, or tablet — at eye level to avoid looking distorted.