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The motivation of the main characters makes the story believable and you can empathize with them; cyberbullying, loneliness, self esteem, money problems, family issues, addictions, rejection and of course the 'is love real' question.So Yes, it's not a ' Pretty Woman' fairy tale and NO it's also not based on a true story, it's something in between and that makes is worth the effort to watch.See all Sky channels Virgin Media ( offers a selection of adult TV channels on pay monthly plans and on-demand.You can add an adult channel - Playboy TV, the Adult Channel or Televsion X - to your package for a monthly charge.If you happen to be near an AED (defibrillator), read the instructions and give one shock to the patient (this applies to humans only).Make sure to practice and/or brush up your CPR abilities today, so you’re ready to potentially save someone’s life in the future!

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This is especially alarming since almost 90% of cardiac arrests occur at home — where patients depend on the immediate respiratory care response of their family members.

That movie is told like a beautiful fairy tale with a happy end. The main story line of the movie is predictable, but there are enough enjoyable moments to like this movie.

Also the chemistry between the main characters makes it fun to watch.

First of all, check if the patient can respond by tapping them on the shoulder and shouting “Are you okay?

” If they don’t respond, call for medical emergency services immediately.