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After receiving your Adobe Reader DC Update 2018.009.20044 last week, we have heavy problems with some PDF-Files.When you open some PDF-files, generated for example with Amyuni PDF Converter, there will be not shown the correct fonts. If you then restart the Computer and open these PDF-files you will see another Fonts (Wingdings?

In this document, we will walk through how to manage your Type Script version in Visual Studio 2017.We used Adobe Reader DC with the previous Version about 8 months with these PDF-files, generated from our Merchandise Management software and had no problems.With update 2018.009.20044 we have now These Problems since 1 week.That said, using the latest available version of Visual Studio will provide the best experience.In Visual Studio 2017 version 15.3 and later, the Type Script version used is bound to individual projects.